Jedi Trials

The Trials of Knighthood consist of 5 separate trials all Padawans must pass during their tenure if they wish to ascend to the level of Jedi Knight and are thus harder than the Initial Trials you took in order to become a Padawan. The trials are as follows:

The Trial of Skill: Somewhat self-explanatory, the trial of skill is the oldest known of our order. Other than the obvious proficiency of Lightsaber combat skills or physical tests, Padawans need to show their proficiency to remain focused and adherent to the Jedi Code in most if not all situations. The Golden Age did not affect how this test is preformed as it can be preformed in controlled environments.

The Trial of Courage: In older times, one would simply need to face down a Dark Jedi or Sith. Since the Golden Age, the Order has redesigned the Trail of Courage, little did we know that the Sith would return in force as they did 20 years ago. But even still, sometimes battlefield heroics are all that are need to pass. In this time of peace however, it is not so simple a trial to pass.

The Trial of the Flesh: This trial is one of the most rigorous as it requires the Padawan to endure and overcome tremendous physical pain, hardship or even loss, which may sometimes result in dismemberment or even death. The life of a Jedi is one wrought in peril. Due to the Golden Age, if the Padawan can last 1 standard galactic month without their master, then they are considered to have passed the trial.

The Trial of Spirit: To pass this trial, the Padawan may have to look deep within themselves. Sometimes go on journey’s of self-discovery. These tests usually result in Padawans encountering their inner and deepest darkness. Known as Facing the Mirror, Padawans are to enter a deep meditative trance and combat their demons. Once they emerge and if they are victorious, they are to write a transcript of their encounter and how it was overcome. It is not common but has been known to happen that those who fail return mentally broken or even insane.

The Trial of Insight: This trial tests a Padawans ability to be aware of not only what is in front of them, but around them at all times. As the Force flows through all, it is in channeling and allowing the Force to flow through us that one can master the art of not being surprised, be it by a surprise attack of an illusion.

Jedi Trials

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