Jedi are by default a sight to behold. Their mere presence can be as inspiring as it can be terrifying. Knowing this a Jedi can draw upon the Force to enhance their appearance to those around them.

1) Awe – By drawing in the Force around them and projecting it outwards, the Jedi using this power amplifies their magnetism. Those near the Jedi are drawn closer to them and very receptive to their words and point of view. This power is considerably less effective against other Force users.
Roll: Charisma + Leadership vs DC 7
a) 1 success – One person
b) 2 successes – 5 people
c) 3 successes – 25 people
d) 4 successes – 125 people
5) 5 successes – Everyone within earshot

2) Dread Gaze- By igniting their lightsaber or extending their hand in preparation to call down the Force upon someone, the Jedi with this power can make themselves seem even more terrifying and deadly to those they make eye contact with. Causing them to back down, cower away or be paralyzed in fear of the Jedi
Roll: Charisma + Intimidation vs Wits + Courage, can only be done once per turn.
a) 1 success – startled but not terrified
b) 2 successes – Target puts their weapon down and backs away
c) 3 successes – Target runs away in fear, clawing at the wall if they are cornered
d) 4 successes – Target paralyzed by fear and loses a turn
e) 5 or more successes – Target starts losing action dice

3) Force Entrancement – Just as the Jedi can seem terrifying, they can also seem endearing and wonderful. Using the Force, the Jedi with this power makes those around him basically fall in love with them and willing to fulfill the Jedi’s every whim and desire out of love.
Roll: Appearance + Empathy vs Willpower
a) 1 success – 1 hour
b) 2 successes – 1 day
c) 3 successes – 1 week
d) 4 successes – 1 month
e) 5 successes – 1 year

4) Force Summon – Drawing deep into the Force, the Jedi can call upon any person they have ever met. The target can be anyone, force sensitive or not. Upon hearing their summon, the target does their best to heed the call.
Roll: Charisma + Subterfuge vs DC 5 (known)/ DC 7(stranger)
a) 1 success – target approaches slowly and hesitantly
b) 2 successes – target approaches reluctantly and is easily thwarted by obstacles
c) 3 successes – target approaches at a reasonable speed
d) 4 successes – target comes with haste, overcoming any obstacle in the way
e) 5 successes – target rushes to the Jedi, doing anything to get to them

5) Force Majesty – So strong the Jedi is in the Force that those using this power become the living embodiment of the side of the Force they adhere to. Light side users become shining beacons of beauty while Dark side users are horrendously demonic in appearance. People affected by this power find the Jedi so formidable that they dare not displeasure them. Raising ones voice to the Jedi is difficult; raising a hand against them is unthinkable.
Roll: No roll but needs a Willpower point. Target makes a Courage roll vs Jedi’s Charisma + Intimidation


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