By calling upon the Force, the Jedi can vanish in plain sight, using the Force to cloak them from the naked eye. Hidden by the Force, those with high enough force training can just as easily see though the cloak

1) Cloak of the Force – The Jedi must rely on nearby shadows and cover to be able to hide their presence from normal sight. Remaining unnoticed as long at they remain silent, still and under some degree of cover.
Roll: No roll

2) Unseen Presence – More in-tune with the shadows, the Jedi can now move with ease and not be seen and make others avert their eyes away as the Jedi passes by. If they bump into someone or something, the illusion is broken.
Roll: Wits + Stealth, not to enter but to be detected. DC is power successes

3) Mask of a Thousand Races – The Jedi uses the Force to create a shimmering yet very realistic illusion of someone or something else based on their number of successes
Roll: Manipulation + Subterfuge vs DC 7
a) 1 success – Minor alteration, change facial features but not height.
b) 2 successes – Don’t look like your normal self. Not easily recognized
c) 3 successes – Wanted appearance is attained
d) 4 successes – Complete alteraion (including mannerisms and voice)
e) 5 successes – Profound alteration

4) Vanish Into the Force – The Jedi with this power literally disappear from sight. Even if they are in direct eye contact with someone. Doing so can cause a sensory overload.
Roll: Charisma + Stealth vs Wits + Alertness, More than 3 successes are needed to fully vanish.

5) Cloak of the Many -
The Jedi may conceal one additional person per dots of Stealth they have.
Roll: One roll is needed to apply to all people. Then depending on which Obfuscate power wishing to be used by others, they must succeed on that power’s roll. Failure to do so drops the cloak on that individual. If the Jedi themselves fails the roll does this power fail.

Countering Obfuscate: Normally equal or higher dots in Auspex sees through Obfuscate.


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