Also Known As the Jedi Mind Trick, Dominate is the Jedi’s ability to fool those of weak minds to believe a lie to be the truth, have their mind altered or wiped and to be compelled to list to the commands of the force user.

1) Force Command – Looking into the eyes of the target, the Jedi speaks a one word command and the target must obey. The order must be direct and straightforward but cannot be something that causes harm to the target
Roll: Manipulation + Intimidation vs Willpower, more successes means a greater result

2) Mind Trick – Verbally implant a false thought or hypnotic suggestion. Must be free from distraction to preform this action. The Jedi chooses when to activate the suggestion or have it be triggered by something. Eye contact must be maintains while implanting.
Roll: Manipulation + Leadership vs Willpower

3) The Forceful Mind – Once eye contact is made, the target is in a trance-like state in which the Jedi can re-create or create new memories. While not telepathically linked, the target is under a hypnotic state that allows for easy questioning and answering.
Roll: Wits + Subterfuge vs Willpower.The number of successes the Jedi gets, the more alterations they may do.
a) 1 success – Change 1 memory, lasts a day
b) 2 successes – Remove but not alter 1 memory permanently
c) 3 successes – May make slight memory changes
d) 4 successes – May alter or remove entire scene from subject’s memory
e) 5 successes – May reconstruct entire periods of target’s life

4) Force Conditioning – Through sustained manipulation, the Jedi makes the target more easily susceptible to influences and domination. Over time, the target may become completely loyal to the Jedi and harder to Dominate by others. This takes a long time to accomplish however. From weeks to even months.
Roll: Charisma + Leadership vs Willpower

5) Force Overwhelmed – At this power level, the Jedi Force power is so indomitable that the target is utterly supplicated to the Jedi’s will. Speaking isn’t required but eye contact is. Once the target’s mind s overthrown, the Jedi implants their own consciousness and controls the target body as easily as their own. Two rolls are required, the first is to strip away the target’s mind and the second to see how fully they assume control over the target’s body.
Roll 1: Willpower Point + Charisma + Intimidation vs Willpower of DC 7 for both
Roll 2: Manipulation + Intimidation vs DC 7
a) 1 success – cannot use Disciplines
b) 2 successes – Can use Auspex
c) 3 successes – Can also use Dominate and Presence
d) 4 successes – Can also use Fortitude and Obfuscate
e) 5 successes – Can also use Potence and Celerity

Resisting Domination: Jedi cannot Dominate Jedi of higher Force Potential.


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