Thura Tammrakari


Jedi Diplomat

Strength OO
Dexterity OO
Stamina OO

Charisma OOOO
Manipulation OOOO
Appearance OO

Perception OOOO
Intelligence OO
Wits OO

Alertness OO
Athletics O
Defense O
Intimidation OO
Leadership OOO
Melee O
Parry O

Art OO
Animal Ken
Investigation O
Subterfuge OO

Academics* OO
Bureaucracy OO
Diplomacy* OOOO
Empathy* OO
Etiquette* OOO
Occult O
Politics OO

Connections OOO
Command O
Resources OOOO
Retainers O
Status OOOO

Path of the Living Force
Compassion OOOO
Instinct OO
Courage OOOO

Willpower OOOOO O

Auspex O
Dominate O
Movement of the Mind O

Accuracy O
Parry OOO

Notes on Backgrounds
Connection – Eka Tammrakari – Thura’s wife is a highly respected diplomat due to her handling of the Serena crisis and, despite her busy work life, is highly devoted to her family. She currently serves as a foreign policy expert on Padme Amidala’s advisory board.
Command – Spook Fireteam Gamma-Four – As an important member of the diplomatic branch, Thura has command of a small squadron of trained bodyguards and yes-men. Thura’s code name for their channel talk is Hephaestus.
Retainers – Amelie Tetri – A Twi’lek who is employed as Thura’s skilled aide. Her duties include secretarial work, record-keeping, and occasionally acting as a liaison, advisor and stand-in for Thura.
Status – Overseer of the External Affairs Office – Thura’s official position in the New Order is as the Jedi overseer of the diplomatic wing. He is considered a vital cog in the foreign policy of the New Republic.


Thura is a Khmeri – a not very populous race from the Middle Rim. Outwardly, they appear similar to humans with some notable exceptions: their bodies do not grow hair on any part, due to their home planet’s constant dry heat; their eyes are pale shades of bright colors without any visible iris; and they possess six fingers on each hand, but only four toes on each foot. In addition, the Khmeri’s inward biology has them inhaling oxygen, but exhaling carbon monoxide – a harmless gas to them, but mildly poisonous and choking (not to mention foul-smelling) to most other galactic races. As such, most Khmeri use a specialized mask off-world to convert their exhalations to a more benign gas for the sake of others.

Perhaps most unique among the Khmeri is their reproductive system. Several galactic cycles ago, the Khmeri became the victims of a pathogen that wiped out most of their species. They were rescued by scientists, who genetically modified the DNA of Khmeri males, who were carrying the plague, to make the entire population immune to the pathogen. However, this came with an unfortunate, unintended side effect. All Khmeri males after that point possessed only half of the genetic code required to reproduce. In order to produce a child, a female required the sperm of at least two males. Their dwindling society was forced to adapt to survive – resulting in a culture of three-way marriages, legalized (and well-paid) prostitution, and massive competitiveness between women (since their gender ratio was not altered, but each woman now required two men to have children).

Thura, born with the last name Rensara, was born on the planet Khmerian and was identified and discovered quickly by the Jedi Council. He was, as per tradition, removed from his family and was raised as a youngling within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He survived Skywalker’s Purge by pure chance – he was off-planet performing the ritual known as the Gathering in order to collect his lightsaber crystal. Thankfully, the Jedi who escorted him had heard the dark rumors of Order 66 and was able to fight off his stormtrooper escort and rescue most of his charges. He delivered them to the New Order, where Thura and the rest of the surviving younglings began their training with the new Jedi.

He trained under a simple Jedi, who died in the war shortly after Thura was made a knight. During a diplomatic mission to the planet Serena, Thura was assigned to the protection and advising duty of a Khmeri diplomat, Eka Tammrakari. The mission was successful and brought Serena into the New Republic. Eka and Thura fell in love with each other during the time, and they soon married, along with Eka’s other partner, Arkan, a corporate liaison from various star-cruising companies. Thura is heavily devoted to them both, knowing that both the CIS and the Empire would not accept both their relationship and alien nature. He also has an infant daughter named Nilar with the two of them, though whether or not the infant is Force sensitive, like one of her fathers, has yet to be determined.

Thura Tammrakari

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