Salomon Steinvardursson

Padawan to Master Jakar


Strength OO
Dexterity OO
Stamina OO

Charisma OOOO
Manipulation OOOOO
Appearance O

Perception OOOO
Intelligence OO
Wits OO

Alertness O
Defense O
Intimidation O
Leadership O
Melee OO
Parry OO
War O

Animal Ken O
Investigation OO
Larceny O
Stealth OO
Streetwise OO
Subterfuge OOO
Survival OO

Academics OO
Diplomacy O
Empathy OO
Etiquette O
Meditation O
Occult O
Politics O

Saber Style: Niiman.

Auspex OO
Obfuscate OO
Dominate O

Compassion OOO
Self-Control OOO
Courage OOOO

Path Rating: OOOOO O
Willpower: OOOOO

Saber: Accuracy O, Damage, Parry OOO.

Bonus Points: 1 Auspex, 1 Obfuscate, 1 Willpower.


A padawan from a frosty planet with extremely high oxygen levels, Salomon, or simply Sal,
finds it very difficult to speak normally – with every word causing him pain. He is very careful about choosing his words carefully, never saying more than he must. He is frequently out of breath due to his body requiring more oxygen than most beings do.

He tends to wear all white, as is custom for unmarried men on his planet, and often wears a mask to hide his hideous appearance, which is scarred and deformed with blazing orange eyes, resulting from his natural alien appearance mixed with a particularly bad case of frostbite after being abandoned by his birth parents before being rescued by the Jedi Order.

Salomon Steinvardursson

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